The Attack on ‘People Can Change’, part 1: The Allegations

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pcc-menExtremists are attacking the peer encounter group ‘People Can Change’. They apparently hope to close down all professional and not-for-profit organizations for not complying to the “born that way” ideology. All dissident views are considered ‘fascist’. Several intolerant, extremist anti-exgay groups have now joined together in March 2016 to file a complaint at the Federal Trade Commission, a tactic they hope that works to prohibit ex-gays from meeting or supporting one another.

They hope to convince a judge that PCC are practitioners of so-called ‘conversion therapy’, which they falsely claim aims to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. And identity shifts are something to be considered criminal, because everybody is “born that way”, so they still believe. Nothing could be less scientifically true.

Same-sex attractions are not genetically determined, so research in the year 2000 has proved. Rather they are due to sad early steps in psycho-sexual development in genetically sensitive individuals and a very understandable state of mind (see the website ). An identical twin brother or sister of a homosexual is almost overwhelmingly (>90%) not gay. It has now been finally proven to do with the psycho-sexual development. The gay extremists’ claim is hostile. If this legislative move delivers, then “nails are being driven into the coffins of ex-gays, for once and for all”, so they proclaim.

Let’s have a look at what persecutions these radical gay-libbers have in mind.

In part 1, we present an explanation of the entire context of this attack on the existence of PCC, using history and sound reasoning. Why is gay-lib picking on us? Why do they seek for a battle with (former) brothers and not seek for mutual respect and understanding?

In part 2, we put eight allegations under the microscope, demonstrating them to be far fetched and inappropriate, in short: a smear campaign.

In part 3, we take a look at the subject of sexual orientation which would be immutable according to radical gay-lib.

In part 4, we dig into the harm issue, and demonstrate that professional, licensed orientation therapy does no undue or inappropriate harm to clients.

Part 1: What is going on?

At PCC adult men willingly exchange ideas. They talk of their experiences on the fluidity of sexual feelings and their doubts about identity. They feel a bit gay, but also a bit straight, and hate the idea of not figuring out what to do. After all, you can’t marry a person and secretly fantasize about something else, or secretly get addicted to porn sites. It is not nice to the lady of your dreams, or your boyfriend if you have one. This can be a huge individual problem, creating much loneliness. What to do?

‘People Can Change’

This small group of men at PCC uses the internet to communicate and support one another, and they may occasionally meet during private weekend retreats. They are not into ‘therapy’ but into mutual support for private and sometimes embarrassing reasons. When one has doubts about actually being ‘gay’ or wanting to label yourself ‘gay’, you are definitely not welcome in gay bars or the like. The goal of extremist gay-lib appears to be to ban what they call ‘reparative therapy’ or to stop anyone from challenging their very own private sexual identities. They don’t like the idea of people doing that, and they feel: neither should you. (For a first-hand description of Reparative Therapy from the therapists themselves, click here.)

The complaint

According to activists on the internet,

“the complaint asks the FTC to investigate “People Can Change” (PCC), a Web-based conversion-therapy group and referral service founded by Mormon Richard Wyler, that promotes change claims and therapies similar to those used by JONAH.

“The organizations allege that PCC is engaged in “unfair, deceptive and fraudulent business practices” and urge the FTC to take enforcement action to stop PCC from advertising and marketing its services to vulnerable groups, including LGBT youths.

“According to the complaint, those include group coaching, webinars, and the experiental weekend programs Journey Into Manhood and Journey Beyond. PCC also makes referrals to licensed and unlicensed counselors, therapists and life coaches who provide conversion-therapy services.

“The beauty of the FTC is that they have national jurisdiction,” says Scott McCoy, an SPLC attorney and a former Utah state senator. “They interpret [federal] law, and they have the power to set national rules” according to activists on the Web.


In our view, we see that the PCC guys are into talk during weekend hikes and exchange views on the internet. The encounter group is now falsely accused of “professional therapeutic intervention”, “referrals” and “addressing the youth”. Although the encounter group is just a couple of guys trying to figure out why they have problems with feeling not-so-masculine, gay-lib wants to make it sound really criminal, like some crooks who are robbing people of their money. You gotta be “Glad To Be Gay” these days and choose a Gay label. If you don’t, you get the axe. And now gay-lib and senators of the Democratic Party are trying to set up the gallows and make the punishment look really good for society.


In this article we wish to demonstrate how and why radical gay-lib and their Democratic Party allies are doing all they can to eradicate any other view in society but their own. A long article perhaps, but we have much to say.

A two-dimensional view on humanity

Ultra-gays follow a two-dimensional view on human nature. A person would be either gay or straight, with nothing in between. No two ways about it, according to them. Most homosexuals do not agree by the way (click here: in Great Britain 75% of the general population surveyed by the Government and 75% of the homosexual respondents do not adopt a 2-label stance).

More disagreement with a 2-label view

queersEx-gays are not the only ones being persecuted. A sexual minority which actually calls itself “Queers” is also being chucked out. Radical Queers resist labels; they do not want to be labeled gay or straight. They see sexual orientation as fluid and in their behavior they try to look androgynous, that is to say: neither distinctly male or female. Gay-lib used to support them, but not any more, because Queers denounce the phrase ‘Glad To Be Gay’. They have even intellectualized their point of view into what they call Queer theory. They take offense at the gay-lib  2-label view on human sexuality: homosexual versus heterosexual.

Queer theory says:

“Since the late 1970s and 1980s, we see sexual identity as a product of culture and history. Identities consist of many varied components, so categorization by one characteristic is incomplete. Identities are not fixed, they cannot be categorized and labelled.” (click here).

In most places the old inclusive emancipation phrase LGBTQ has been replaced with the less inclusive phrase LGBT? Queers and all others have been thrown out of the emancipation movement. And Ex-gays are the worst of the lot, they are into women! They really need to get the axe.

Closing the net

And now in a well-orchestrated campaign they hope to slowly close the net on what they viciously label ‘the ex-gay industry’. First gay-lib succeeded in banning reparative therapy for minors in four states of the USA (but in eleven states the bill failed). Next they went and closed down JONAH, the peer support group for orthodox Jews. Now the peer support group PCC is on the list for attack . After that, if the Federal Trade Commission buys into it, the heat will be up on a national scale.

The attack on PCC is just a first experiment with the FTC. If it succeeds, then they hope to further condemn and eradicate all forms of professional psycho-therapeutic help, support groups, Skype calls, and writing for those who experience same-sex attractions, but who do not identify with the political label of ‘Gay’. They have circumnavigated democratic policy-making in democratic institutions and hope to find a loophole via other legalistic options, where the reparative therapists and democratically elected politicians have no way to go. They are not even consulted. Welcome to gay-lib in creating “freedom for all”.

Gay, and gay only

gay-on-boatThey do it because they view that you are genetically gay, and therefore you cannot change. And because of that, all change efforts can do nothing but harm. Therefore the government must step in and do something. But same-sex attractions are not a genetic affair, so science has proved in the last fifteen years (click here). It is due to psychological factors.

All scientists (except those associated with radical gay-lib) acknowledge that the 2-point sexuality scale is harmful when describing the general population. Every reasonable scientist uses the 7-point Kinsey scale, where there are many shades between the extremes of what is called a “sexual identity”. An inherent “orientation” as opposed to an identity does not exist, so science has proved. Everyone has an innate capability to experience the full range of sexuality expressions.

Labeling youth as LGBT, as a fixed and predetermined way of being, deprives them of their true innate pansexual nature. According to Freud, every child is born polymorph perverse, meaning he or she has genetically been designed for the full range of sexual emotions. There are not two kinds of people: LGBT and then the rest.

Dissidence to gay-lib on trial

gay-dancerFrankly, the complainants are putting dissidence to their 2-label view on the human nature on trial, declaring it to be fraudulent to state that sexuality is fluid and ever changing on the 7-point Kinsey scale. They state their world-view as given, and repeat over and over again their “LGBT” slogan as if it were a fixed “orientation”, a sort of human growth either to the left extreme or right extreme of a sexuality scale. Just as trees cannot unbranch their branches, neither could a human being be anything different from gay since birth, so they claim. But science has proved that people are not gay from birth,  and that gay children do not exist.

Orientation is not fixed

PCC, as do millions of other people, does not recognize the notion of fixed sexualities. Science has never proved that sexuality exists merely on such a 2-point scale, nor has it ever proved that sexuality is fixed from birth all the way to death, a sort of innate orientation, to the contrary. Orientation is merely a label for a temporary condition, caused by psychological factors as have been proved.

The paradigm of the complainants is bogus, unproved and is not supported by any body of science. It exists merely due to aggressive social action, ever since gay demonstrators blocked and savagely intimidated the annual national meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in 1973, preventing psychiatrists from entering the building to discuss research, and disrupting the conference. The paradigm is enforced by coercion, aim is to stifle all debate.

Engraving into the stone of legislation

The idea that you are ‘born that way’ is outdated. Since the Australian Identical Twins Study of the year 2000 (click here) we know it is not true. Radical gay-lib tries to engrave their ideology into stone by means of legislation or any convenient legalistic loophole. It would mean the end of public discourse and the end of the advance of scientific research on the subject.

Mind control

psy-killsThe whole current deterioration of the once tolerant emancipation movement looks like “mind control”. These gay-lib extremists write that their goal is to achieve “a chilling effect” (click here) on any discussions on bisexuality and the opposite sex. These discussions, so they yell, are harmful and a danger to the American people, and therefore illegal. It is anti-psychiatry’s (click here) finest hour.

Aim of anti-psychiatry

Anti-psychiatry upholds that therapists are evil and malign people, murderers even; patients are victims; mental disorders don’t exist, and psychotherapists are part of a repressive authoritarian society, meant to look into the interests of the rich. There are huge evil social structures to tear down, and depressed survivors to be supported, so the ideology goes on. It endeavours to make psychotherapists look as bad as possible, in doing so stretching the truth and exploiting the slightest side effect.

Anti-psychiatry has been the core ideology of gay-lib since 1973, with absurd allegations of suicides, deaths and so-called harm. Efforts are made to defame the psychiatric and psycho-therapeutic community. They oppose all insight-giving therapeutic efforts. The tone of voice has a very emotional impact with a victim outlook on life.

PCC is not into kids, youths or anyone under the age of 18. We are talking about adults who have a difficult marriage at the same time experiencing same-sex attractions, or into gay relationships and at the same time experiencing opposite-sex attractions, or who are celibate priests with issues of feelings many sexual attractions, or students who for example question their porn addictions which they feel are disrupting their lives. These people in no way are a harm to society or the goals even of radical feminism or gay-lib. They are men who want to get on with life and who do not automatically embrace a gay lifestyle. The men at PCC face very private problems, too delicate to proudly prance around with.



In gay magazine The Advocate (click here) we read:

advocate“Find out why the Human Rights Campaign, National Center for Lesbian Rights, and the Southern Poverty Law Center are asking the Federal Trade Commission to step in and end ‘ex-gay’ therapy.

Several LGBT groups have joined together to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission alleging that practitioners of so-called conversion therapy, which aims to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

The federal consumer fraud complaint was filed today against a Virginia-based group called People Can Change, which claims that sexual orientation and gender identity can be changed through therapy and counseling. People Can Change counseling in pursuit of this goal, in addition to referrals to other organizations that claim to be able to “cure” someone of being LGBT.”

Our comment on this section of the allegations:
1. ‘People Can Change’ is a non-profit  encounter group for men with unwanted same-sex attractions. No way is the above description of the support group in accordance with what PCC says about itself on its website. PCC does not implement therapy or counseling. They are not in pursuit of therapy, nor do they refer participants to other organizations with claims about being able to “cure” someone. After all, no-one is sick and no-one ever said that. This offensive phrase is invented by gay-lib and then smeared onto others to make them look bad. On their website PCC writes:

“People Can Change is a non-profit educational, support and outreach organization that is best known for its life-changing “Journey Into Manhood” weekend experience, which PCC offers in Europe, Israel and across the U.S. People Can Change is not a religious ministry and is not affiliated with any religious faith or organization.
We are a peer-support organization that creates safe, compassionate communities primarily for men to address unwanted same-sex attractions in ways that align with their faith, values, morals and life goals. We also provide information and support to friends and family, especially wives.

We envision a world in which all people with unwanted same-sex attractions who wish to diminish or make peace with their homosexual feelings have access to successful role models, and are free to pursue a path of change, if they so choose, without shame or ridicule.” (click here).

2. Allegation:

PCC is advertising and marketing its services to vulnerable groups, including LGBT youths. Those include group coaching, webinars, and the experiential weekend programs Journey Into Manhood and Journey Beyond. PCC also makes referrals to licensed and unlicensed counselors, therapists and life coaches who provide conversion-therapy services.”

What the fanatics are referring to is three url-links on the home page upper bar of the website, where dropdown menus (click here, here and here) merely show a list of the url-links of public websites on the internet that anyone can find using Google. Any toddler who gets a tablet or smartphone from his parents can find the links using the default search engine of the device. Google shows these websites too if you use their search engine. There is no “marketing” about it. There is no interaction in any way between the webmasters and the website visitors of the PCC website, therefore there is no “marketing” or “coercion of vulnerable youth” as the fanatics are trying to make it look.

There is no profit making concerned, nor is there any form of trade contract between two trade parties associated with merely looking at the PCC homepage. It is a free society using a free and anonymous public internet service. Your paypal or credit card account is not being asked for, PCC is not to be compared to the thousands of gay porn sites out there charging money for entrance into the site for more information, a service with which gay-lib undoubtedly has no problems as it is considered part of gay liberty. The PCC website is therefore no case for the Federal Trade Commission.

Is Google now going to be “investigated” by the Federal Trade Commission for yielding these url-links for users of the internet? In no way is PCC “marketing and advertising” referrals, their website merely shows dropdown menus for legal websites one can look into if one is so inclined . It also includes a url list for books one can buy at Amazon.

Do the gay-lib fanatics therefore wish to end the use of url-links on the internet, end publishing the list of licensed professionals and non-professional support groups who are out there on the internet and who are in every telephone directory, and proceed into book burning as did the Nazis in 1938? Because closing down PCC will not end the use of Google, neither the consultation of licensed therapists who can be found all over the internet and in telephone directories and search engine services, nor will it diminish the amount of books available in the free American society, books of which radical gay-lib does not approve.

There is no coercion, brainwashing or brutal mistreatment of “vulnerable” youth. PCC does not specifically reach out for minor age groups, who may or may not stumble upon the website. Furthermore, PCC does not state that the life coaches etc. provide “conversion therapy”. This sickening and heavily abused phrase is not to be found on the PCC website, and is to be seen as a malign twist of words. We advise PCC to sue heavily for slander. This malignancy cannot be tolerated in a free society.

3. Allegation: “someone being LGBT”:

PCC does not reach out to Lesbians, only to men with unwanted same-sex attractions.

-PCC does not reach out to Transgenders. The issue of an unwanted body has nothing to do with unwanted same-sex attractions. Gay-lib insists that children should be helped to get rid of, or change their unwanted body parts or sexual characteristics as young as possible. At the same time it denounces any professional counseling for those who experience sexual feelings as unwanted.

The thinking of some extremists boils down to this: Body change? By all means. Mental change? No, call the cops. Cut off your penis? Yes, see a surgeon and have society pay for it if your body feels wrong. Desire to talk about unwanted feelings because it feels wrong? No, ban these chats from the face of the globe forever. They are harmful.

-PCC does not reach out to men who have, or wish to adopt, an exclusively Gay label. PCC only reaches out to people who experience unwanted same-sex attractions but who do not wish to label themselves as Gay. The label is experienced as losing grip with your innate pansexual potential. Men with unwanted same-sex attractions constitute a distinct and different sexual minority.

– PCC does not reach out to children. Minimum age is 18. The average age is 35 years old, many participants are older.

At age 11 according to a recent huge UK government study (click here), 49% of the persons surveyed say they experience same-sex attractions to some degree, this diminishes to 3% at age 25 with many, but not all, adopting a gay label (some even years later) and to 1% at age 65. The phenomenon of same-sex attractions is therefore not fixed for life, nor is it present from birth, nor is it genetically predetermined (click here). It is fluid.

Furthermore, we disagree with the notion that “gay children” actually exist at all. Labelling children in this way is harmful. In his book ‘Gay Affirmative Therapy’ (2008), Joe Kort agrees with us as he warns:

“The ramifications of sexualizing same-sex attraction among children do the same damage that would occur to any child who is oversexualized. These children are not developmentally ready to handle adult sexual overtones of any kind. We know as clinicians that early imprinting is most profound and that the earlier the labelling, the more severe the consequences suffered will be. The negative effects on the child exposed to this early identity labelling – whether overt or covert – will be feelings of shame, a belief that it is their fault, self-destructive behaviour, depression, low self-esteem, anger directed at the self or others, and an inability to trust others.”

besen-i-got-issues-1-PCC does not wish to “change” someone as alleged, or against any will. They are dealing with grownups who have their very individual reasons for seeking out other guys to talk with. We witness that the fluidity of sexual feelings is always present, many of the shifts towards heterosexuality on the 7 point Kinsey scale occur even spontaneously. At PCC men exchange experiences in relationships, marriage or loneliness. Insights are subject of discussion and the prime reason to exchange views. The men at PCC are not the ones doing the complaining. It is activists like Wayne Besen and some other militant gays and lesbians who have been pondering for years how to nail these guys leaving the gay movement.

4. Allegation:

“This claim has been soundly debunked by every major medical and psychiatric health organization in the country.”

We conclude that the claims of PCC are totally in line with professional opinion, but radical gay-lib refuses to accept this knowledge.

In wikipedia we read:

“The American Psychiatric Association states that “some people believe that sexual orientation is innate and fixed; however, sexual orientation develops across a person’s lifetime”. In a statement issued jointly with other major American medical organizations, the American Psychological Association states that “different people realize at different points in their lives that they are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or bisexual”. A report from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health states that “For some people, sexual orientation is continuous and fixed throughout their lives. For others, sexual orientation may be fluid and change over time”. Lisa Diamond’s study “Female bisexuality from adolescence to adulthood” suggests that there is “considerable fluidity in bisexual, unlabeled, and lesbian women’s attractions, behaviors, and identities”.

Further we wish to remind that in 2005 the President of the American Psychologists Association, Dr. Gerard Koocher, said the following at their annual conference:

“APA has no conflict with psychologists who help those distressed by unwanted homosexual attraction. As long as there is no coercion and proper consent is obtained, reorientation therapy is indeed ethical.” (click here)

gat-book-Even Gay Affirmative Therapy acknowledges that for many, a gay label is not the one and only way to deal with same-sex attractions. In his book “Gay Affirmative Therapy” Joe Kort (2008) writes

“Some people at the extreme insist that homosexuality is fixed and the only right choice for people with same-sex attractions. I believe, however, that there are many shades of gray between polarized views, which I hope this book illuminates. Furthermore, sexuality is not a dichotomy of gay versus straight but rather exists on a continuum, including everything in between.”

In March 2016 the American Council of Pediatricians has denounced the idea of supporting gender-confused children and teenagers in their so-called more appropriate gender. They abhor the glorification of gender confusion, and warn about the serious mental and bodily harm risks of this ideology. They draw attention to the risks of the inappropriate hormones being given (cancer, depression, chemically induced suicide), the risk of mutilating operations which are labeled “corrections”, and the fact that 98% of youngsters get over their gender confusion (see our article, click here). In doing so, they oppose the current radical gay-lib movement of assigning “LGBT rights” to children and adolescents.

They draw attention to the death rate of this staunch auto-aggressive psychiatric disorder,  which is not caused by society but by the highly disturbed condition itself:“Conditioning children into believing a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse.

Therefore the paradigms of PCC are in accordance with the views of all major professional organizations and as well with the Gay Affirmative Therapy acknowledgement of the fluidity and full, broad scope of sexual feelings.

PCC is doing nothing wrong and its members are, as with all sexual minorities, lawfully protected from intolerant pressure in society. There is no law that you should, under all circumstances, place yourself at the extreme homosexual end of the 7-point Kinsey scale, and we vehemently resist the notion that adopting the extreme position on the scale legally be enforced: being gay is an unchallenged right, but still not yet a personal lawful duty as well. As said, science has proved that sexual orientation is fluid and changes over time (click here).

5. Allegation:

Last year, the White House and top Obama administration officials came out against the so-called conversion therapy, which received renewed attention after the public suicide note of 17-year-old Leelah Alcorn, a transgender teenager who took her own life in Ohio in late 2014 after being subjected to what is sometimes called “reparative therapy” at the hands of a Christian counselor.”

PCC does not try to help transgenders.

We are appalled and shocked that gay-lib stoops so low as to abuse and exploit a suicide victim to criminalize others in society. Leelah had not seen a professional reparative psychotherapist for her predicament. And Christian counselors are not to be labeled Reparative Therapists. It is therefore abominable that this suicide be attributed to professional therapists in general.

We stress the fact that 50% of all transgender youths commit suicide attempts before age 21, and a grand total of 70% have done so at age 35. Of this group, 99.99% in the USA have not seen a professional reparative therapist. This is a suicidal group all by itself. These figures do not diminish in extremely tolerant countries as The Netherlands and Denmark, ruling out the usual anti-psychiatric slogan that society is to be blamed for all personal woe (click here). It is doubtful that closing down PCC will in any way affect the suicide rate of transgenders, as is being claimed.

6. Allegation:

The federal complaint alleges that PCC – and all practitioners of what is also called “ex-gay” therapy – “defrauds consumers into believing that being LGBT is a mental illness or emotional defect that needs to be cured.” The group’s advertising of that false claim violates Section 5 of the FTC Act, which “prohibits unfair and deceptive practices”.

PCC writes no such thing (click here). We see that the activists use a smoke screen to create as much public strife as possible. All of a sudden PCC is accountable for unknown people in unknown towns, doing unknown things to unknown persons, with unknown consequences which may or may not be their own doing.

The extremists insist that kids are being harmed. We fail to see how a small group of not-so-gay guys on a weekend trip or exchanging views on the Internet to discuss their not-so-gayness, can ‘harm’ kids.

Nowhere does PCC make people believe that experiencing same-sex attractions is a mental illness or that it needs to be cured. These offensive words stem from gay-lib and are then projected onto others, making it look as if it is the others using the phrase. On their website, PCC writes:

“Yet we respect the right of others to pursue different paths to peace. We believe in civil discourse and in mutual respect, even – and especially – when we disagree.”

We feel that  the emancipation debate should stay where it belongs: out there in society in the area of freedom of speech, opinions and scientific research, all of which now are at stake.

7. Allegation:

“People Can Change consistently fails to disclose the side effects that have been proven to accompany such efforts to change an innate quality of oneself, including depression, substance abuse, decreased self-esteem, and increased risk of self-harm, including suicide.”

To the contrary, PCC has published numerous articles and accounts of what people experience as “side effects” of discussions occurring during weekend trips or when exchanging views on the internet. No negative side effects have been reported. The document “Here and Now” published by PCC, which contains  53 testimonies of PCC members, may prove to be sufficient material to satisfy gay-libbers dying to know what men experience. Check it out. Allegations of self-harm and suicide of the men at PCC are absurd (see part 4).

8. Triumphic statement:

“This historic complaint is not only the first clear opportunity the Obama Administration has had to end these deadly practices for good, but, if investigated fully, could very well be the final nail in the coffin of the entire conversion therapy industry.”

Deadly practices“?  First the American Psychiatric Association mentions in 1973 “some risk of potential harm”, a disclaimer, the right thing to do, given America’s unheard of claim culture. You would be a fool not do so.

Gay-lib then carries on to delete the word “potentially” and “some risk” in their writings in the hope that no-one notices this slight omission, thereby changing the words of the psychiatrists into full blown “harm” and the White House now appeases the radical gay-lib fanatics and takes it one step further by introducing the phrase “deadly practices”, an alarmist falsification, all of which would be attributable to the original writings of the APA in 1973.

No-one takes the trouble of doing fact-finding. Many people feel they need to trust the president and so a, for many, vital issue of therapy is turned into a lethal affair. This is an unheard of spin, if you check the facts.

Even in Gay Affirmative Therapy there is always a potential risk of harm, which is due to the client group’s characteristics. GAT therapist Joe Kort warns of the dangers of depression, provocation of anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders, when dealing with this client category in Gay Affirmative Therapy. GAT is equally potentially harmful, so he warns. These psychological issues are therefore inherent to the client group, not to therapists.

If gay-lib keeps on insisting that this is reason to end professional psychotherapy, then one must insist that Gay Affirmative Therapy be banned as well, based on their self-description in their books. Kort’s book is all about dealing with the risks of this client group, and it is as much of a problem for him, as he warns over and over again in his book, as it is with therapists assisting equally confused clients moving towards the right hand (heterosexual) extreme of the 7-point Kinsey scale. Both constitute Sexual Orientation Change Efforts and are equally permissible.

Recent research has shown that these clients have three to ten times more psychological problems and personality disorders than the general public. The APA has taken no trouble thus far to evaluate symptoms of emotional deterioration in Gay Affirmative Therapy. Not a word. We just don’t know about GAT. This evidently gives a one-sided portrayal of therapies. Treating these people is always a risky business. We witness a vicious smear campaign in which truth is the ultimate loser.

Electroshock’s (dramatized by gay-lib on the internet) have been obsolete in psychiatry for 50 years. Coercion is nowhere to be found with licensed therapists. Motivated clients who have signed for informed consent have experienced change or improved psychological functioning in 50-70% of all cases, a very good result by all psycho-therapeutic standards (click here).

You will also find that complaints if there are any, have been adequately addressed and dealt with. After all, we are talking about qualified and registered professional counselors.

But above all, PCC is not a therapeutic community and does not offer therapeutic services.

(See also articles 23 and 4)

Job Berendsen, MD, Amsterdam.

Gary Morgan, London.