Radical gay-lib hacks wikipedia on NARTH

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logo-wikipediaIn wikipedia, radical gay-lib has logged in and rewritten the whole article on NARTH, the International Alliance for Therapeutic Choice. For decades the organization has been providing information and services to help people, if they so wish, to broaden their sexual horizons. All positive information about the organization, its members and their accomplishments has been replaced with negative slander about the institute; personal attacks on psychologists have been launched and all science facts have been deleted.

The institute is made to look as though it harbors criminals and evades taxes. The paradigms, the way of thought of orientation therapists is denounced and made to look as though it is at odds with all major professional institutions, which it is not.

The board of directors at NARTH has been informed by us; they intend to look into the matter and re-edit their article (see current screenshots below).

Our comments
Wikipedia is an free encyclopedia, an accessible body of knowledge that is kept up to date by volunteers. Anyone can log in and edit articles in order to improve them. Question is, do you really improve an article by deleting the science facts, substituting all positive aspects of an organization and replacing them with slander, defamation and insinuations of being a bunch of crooks?

Such then is radical gay-lib. It makes your blood boil to see that psychologists, with a PhD and all, are made out to be the scum of society. Why does gay-lib stoop to this? Because they have no arguments or scientific data which easily proves their ‘born that way for ever more’ ideology. NARTH provides facts and services to expand your sexual possibilities far beyond what you ever dreamed was possible in your life, including heterosexual feelings. And that is one bridge too far for these ultra-gays.

We call it homo-sexism, an ideology which sets out to make being openly “gay” and adopting the “gay” lifestyle the one and only way to go if you in any way experience same-sex attractions. Radical gay-lib wants homo-sexism enforced from as young an age as possible. Therefore it is necessary to silence all other sounds, or at least to prevent people from reading or liking them. We are facing totalitarianism. Let’s see if in the coming months they will rewrite yet once again the corrections that NARTH will place on the internet about itself.