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Proposed ban in Massachussetts on reparative therapy

mass-houseIn Massachussetts, USA, the struggle to enforce a ban on reparative therapy is in full swing, after gay-lib lost the battle in twenty other states. On their website (, people from Massachussetts write:

“Around the USA gay-lib extremists are pushing their agenda more aggressively than ever in state legislatures, cities, and school districts. It is happening in state after state. School districts that seemed normal are now promoting “transgender” restrooms and locker rooms, capitulating to name and pronoun changes, and even avoiding the words “boys” and “girls”. Continue reading Proposed ban in Massachussetts on reparative therapy

A ban on geology?

geoA ban on geology?

With his proposed ban on reparative therapy, Obama may just as well ban geology.

Gaylib has managed to influence the presidential advisor of Barack Obama to support a ban on reparative therapy, that is to say any psychotherapeutic counselling of youngsters where heterosexual feelings are explored or evaluated with a client who experiences homosexual or homoerotic feelings. Continue reading A ban on geology?