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Radical lesbians on a war path, the NCLR

There are several extremist gay-lib organizations who continuously spread lies, disinformation and slander against psychotherapy for Same Sex Attractions. One of these groups, the National Center of Lesbian Rights (NCLR), has a long track record of doing so. For forty years now, the radical feminists have been inducing fear by means of biased disinformation, and inflicting mental harm on gullible youths who are new to the gay scene, thereby making them even more frightened than they already are. Continue reading Radical lesbians on a war path, the NCLR

Why Gays Cannot Speak for Ex-gays

In this article, Joseph Nicolosi explains why gay activists cannot speak for ex-gays, or determine policy issues for all people who are self-identified as bisexual, questioning or non-gay homosexual. Activists are often seen as the right spokesperson by the general public and the media, but these gay-identified persons cannot share the other person’s innermost feelings. Therefore, they cannot act as representative for his personal and social interests on behalf of him. Continue reading Why Gays Cannot Speak for Ex-gays

Same-sex attraction and therapy: it’s time to let people choose

Recent years have seen countless—and specious—legislative, judicial, and administrative attempts to block those with unwanted same-sex attraction from seeking healing and transformation through professional therapy. In this article, Arthur Goldberg reviews the latest attempts by radical gay-lib to silence all forms of professional counseling other than gay label-affirmative, even if the latter is against the goals and wishes of the client. Continue reading Same-sex attraction and therapy: it’s time to let people choose

Via Malta, the EU has been conquered overnight

malta-map2According to a government statement, Malta has become the first European country to ban what they call “gay conversion therapy”, imposing fines of not less than €2000 pounds and up to €10,000 ($10,750) and a jail term of at least a month and up to one year for health workers who offend the new law. On December 5th 2016 the parliament approved a law that effectively outlaws any attempts to “change, repress and, or eliminate a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity and, or gender expression”. The law further stipulates that “no sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression constitutes a disorder, disease or shortcoming of any sort.” It also lowers to 16 the age at which minors can request a gender change without their parents’ approval.

In the EU, the smallest member state Malta (400.000 inhabitants), which is barely conspicuous on any map, has a full veto right on all issues in the EU which are not in accordance with Maltese law. This initiative comes from outside the EU, from American gay psychologists united in ILGA. The 28 member states of the EU have been conquered overnight. Continue reading Via Malta, the EU has been conquered overnight

Dutch gay-lib glorifies male gay promiscuity

2 men kissingResearch by the governmental Dutch Statistics Bureau last week proved that marriages between lesbians end up far more often in a divorce compared to marriages between gay men and two heterosexuals. “This is because women have, as heterosexuals do, a different perspective on marital fidelity” so says Professor Gert Hekma, a male professor of Sociology at Gay and Lesbian Studies at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) today in the mainstream newspaper De Volkskrant (click here). Here is what he has to say in the newspapers immediately following the Bureau statistics that lesbians have 30% divorce rate compared to 18% for heterosexuals and 15% for homosexually married men Continue reading Dutch gay-lib glorifies male gay promiscuity

Radical gay-lib hacks wikipedia on NARTH

logo-wikipediaIn wikipedia, radical gay-lib has logged in and rewritten the whole article on NARTH, the International Alliance for Therapeutic Choice. For decades the organization has been providing information and services to help people, if they so wish, to broaden their sexual horizons. All positive information about the organization, its members and their accomplishments has been replaced with negative slander about the institute; personal attacks on psychologists have been launched and all science facts have been deleted. Continue reading Radical gay-lib hacks wikipedia on NARTH

“Same-sex attractions” as offensive language

chapter3Gay-lib sees the words ‘same-sex attractions’ as very offensive. These words appear to diminish the concept of homosexuality, which they see as a full blown and equal form of sexuality. According to this world-view, it just pops out of nowhere. Gay-lib gets furious when it is labelled as nothing more than just feelings, things that come and go. So angry that they want to use legislation to ban any other world-view than their own. They want to call in state violence, which is basically just violence, by use of horror stories. Continue reading “Same-sex attractions” as offensive language

Alan Chambers in 2004 on radical gay-lib

a-cIn 2004 Alan Chambers wrote an essay on the way gay-lib is influencing society and pushing its agenda (click here). These days, he has joined gay-lib and is hailed as the prodigal son. Is all of what he said way back then just a pile of nonsense? Let us take a look at what this man had to say. We doubt if he wants to be reminded. Continue reading Alan Chambers in 2004 on radical gay-lib

How to write a horror story

horror-man1In their effort to ban reparative therapy, gay-lib sends reporters adults who tell their “story” about memories of what they label conversion therapy. They state that all this is being coerced onto minors.

In Time Magazine , for example, a gentleman tells his story: “I know all this because I’ve experienced it myself. I’ve been through conversion therapy, albeit when I was an adult and with the privilege of being able to refuse the treatment if I wanted to. Continue reading How to write a horror story