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Part 8, SPLC against JONAH: the scientific facts (1)

In Partslecturehall 8, 9 and 10 of our series on the trial of the Southern Poverty Law Center against the non-profit organization JONAH, we publish a review by Laura Haynes,PhD, California Licensed psychotherapist, of all scientific facts that prove how sexual feelings and gender dysphoria can change, and that more often than not, sexual fluidity is the norm, not the exception. At the end is a comprehensive overview of the scientific references. Continue reading Part 8, SPLC against JONAH: the scientific facts (1)

Where are all the ex-gays?

straight-coupleThere are as many ex-gays as there are gays, so scientific research has proved (click here). At this point the natural question arises—if there are so many ‘ex-gays’ in the population, where are they? Very few readers will ever have met any that they know of. It is no wonder the GLB community is very skeptical about whether real change occurs, though the scientific conclusion of the researchers involved is that it does, and spontaneously, without clinical intervention, as life goes on. Continue reading Where are all the ex-gays?