The Attack on PCC, part 3: The Sexual Orientation Issue

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flat-worldIn previous articles, we have written about the allegations used by organized radical gay-lib in their attack on PCC, proving them not to be valid (part 1, click here.) In part 2 we have analyzed and debunked the alleged non-compliance of PCC with FTC legislative standards (click here). In part 3 we will analyze the paradigms of the radical gay-lib attack on PCC when it comes to Sexual Orientation, proving these paradigms to be discriminating and repressive to the American people, to be diminishing informed consumer choices, and to be unduly burdening on legitimate choices, all of which are in violation of the goals and standards of the Federal Trade Commission.

Part 3: the Sexual Orientation Issue

The world is flat

When discussing the nature of sexual orientation, the complainants believe the world is flat. They live in an outdated era, the era of the twentieth century. They believe that the earth is flat with two sides. On one side where one is born, the world is homosexual and that flat world will of course stay that way. If you are born into the other side of the flat world, you are born into the heterosexual world. Radical gay-lib ideology has it that this side of the flat world or pancake is to be considered a repressive world, an Orwellian society of compliance to norms and standards, with coercive social mechanisms, oblivious to the joys of deviance and non-conformity.

The heterosexual side of the pancake world would exist of intolerant inhabitants who pity, denounce and persecute the other side of the pancake. Why they do that, heaven knows, but such is the horror of the writings of George Orwell, and the suffering, not to mention the many, many deaths which the pancake people inflict upon the inhabitants of the other side are too gruesome to describe, too many to count. The deaths need no further substantiating, it is general knowledge.

Even Democratic Party leaders as Obama speak of the death industry and “deadly practices” which prevail: the ‘niggers’ are hanged by the Klan in redneck Texas, the ‘faggots’ are driven to death in cellars and camps, and they are rounded up in schoolyards by the Reparatives to do their evil deeds.

A document to this extent was even presented to the Pan American Health Organization, describing supposedly existing death camps and cellars where males are restrained for months on end until they finally cave in to the Reparatives, and where girls are given a good spot of reparative rape! click here. All of it was unsubstantiated. The Southern Poverty Law Center rushes to the scene to stop the Klan, and the Federal Trade Commission has the honour to stop the pancake people from their persecution of the other world, for once and for all.

But time hurries on

Truth has it that life has moved on since the previous century. We witness two ground-breaking events at the turn of the century that would rock this world view if gay-lib is open-minded enough to assume new knowledge. On the one hand, we see dr. Joseph Nicolosi, a brilliant Los Angeles psychologist, together with his wife, writing his revolutionary books from 1989 onward on the subject of the psychodynamics of gay feelings, and on the other hand the Australian Identical Twin Studies in the year 2000 on the subject of the nature/nurture debate.

The Australian Identical Twin Studies, a random unbiased survey of 33.000 volunteer identical twins, went on to prove that when an individual identifies in later life as adopting a homosexual label, his or her identical twin will not do so. 89% of the male twins in which homosexuality was an issue, the identical twin identified as heterosexual. With female identical twins, this percentage was 86%.

These studies proved for once and for all, that with your genes and maternal biological influences during pregnancy, you may identify later on in life as homosexual, but at the very same time with your identical genes and identical biological parameters during pregnancy and birth, you can also identify as heterosexual in later life. Meaning therefore that being gay or lesbian has nothing to do with genes or with biological influences early on in life. The only parameter left to explain these findings, is the influence of psychological and social influences. The psychodynamic psychology of Nicolosi explains and appreciates every detail of the feelings of being gay.

These ground breaking results at the beginning of the 21st century were met with disbelief by the gay liberation movement, to the extent that the document has been kept silent and hidden from the public eye. The results necessitate a paradigm switch, one for which the warriors of radical gay-lib are in no way yet prepared. Their rolling tanks are in motion and drive too fast to make a 180 degrees turn. The momentum is too great. It would be a pity to order the troops to face the other direction or to stand still.


The complainants do not recognize bisexuality. They claim to represent the interests of Bisexual people, but in reality do so only as far as their homosexual feelings are concerned. For example, try in spite of the slogan “Glad to be Gay” marching around with a big sign saying “It’s Great to be Straight” during Gay Pride Day! In no way do the complainants recognize that the condition called bisexuality is implying that through your very same central nervous system homosexual feelings, urges and actions can rage but also heterosexual ones in the same individual at the same time, or at least during the same life.

The complainants denounce the fact that same-sex attractions could also be a symptom of bisexuality. SSA’s would solely be attributable to the “gay” identity, and would rule out the possibility of heterosexual feelings, urges and actions. The world is a pancake, it has but two sides and never the twain shall meet.

A Bisexual person experiences or wishes to experience his/her heterosexual longings in the presence of homosexual attractions, but these experiences or wishes do not exist according to gay-lib, should not exist, and shall not exist. Therefore they should not be perceived or recognized. And above all they should not be encouraged or facilitated. The world, after all, is flat, even Obama will agree to that. They claim that even all major professional health organizations would see SSA’s as symptoms of the gay label, and the gay label or identity alone, which is not the case, as we have described in part 1. All major professional organizations recognize the existence of sexual orientation fluidity.

Psychiatry sees sexual orientation on a 7 point Kinsey scale, and not on a 2-point scale as complainants do, with but two extreme positions that an individual could be in. The world is round, an individual can move about in his orientation, will not fall off and will not be harmed due to his walkabout in the sexual world of experimentation and discovery.

Those who wish to adopt a gay label, stating that they never have, nor neither will, experience heterosexual feelings or attractions are at liberty to do so. So are people who adopt the heterosexual identity, stating they cannot imagine what same-sex attractions feel like. But people who do not wish to adopt a gay label in the presence of SSA’s are, technically speaking, to be assigned to the category of bisexual, because they do not live up to the requirements of the gay identity, i.e. never having nor ever wanting to experience heterosexual attractions, urges or behavior.

For the sake of argument, people with unwanted SSA’s are aware of the innate bisexual nature of mankind and seek to fulfill this identity. In their walkabout in the realm of sexual orientation, they may even end up at the heterosexual extreme, time will see.

Complainants do not recognize, appreciate, encourage or facilitate the condition of bisexuality, that is the presence of homosexual and heterosexual feelings at the same time in the same individual. In doing so, they deny reality. They discourage the dissemination of all information and discourage all actions which may lead to further understanding and appreciating or fulfilling of heterosexual feelings in youths and adults who express such desires, urges or wishes, how ever vaguely those may be expressed.

The Defense of PCC

We put it to the Federal Trade Commission that the complainants with their proposed ban therefore violate the requirements of the FTC:

-the complainants minimize informed consumer choices by denying, concealing, suppressing, ignoring, hiding and hushing up all information of the existence of heterosexual and homosexual feelings raging through the central nervous system in the same individual

reduce public understanding of sexual orientation issues by concealing, ignoring, denouncing and defaming (“junk science”) all scientific information which would be at odds with their outdated world view

unduly burden legitimate choices for consumers who are by the social actions of the complainants paternalistically driven to affirm and fulfill solely the homosexual side of their bisexual nature by means of Gay Affirmative Therapy which would then become a monopolist in the psychotherapeutical playing field.

In no way can People Can Change be forced by the FTC to comply to the standards on sexual orientation and identity that the complainants wish to impose on society, because these standards are at odds with Consumer Protection laws in the USA.