The Gay Related Complex, part 7: Sexual Orientation Theory is harmful

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In this article, we will demonstrate the stigmatization, harassment and persecution of non-believers in the pro-gay stance. This is the belief that gay feelings should not be thought of as ‘unwanted’ by anyone but as desirable and ‘perfect’ (even God-given if you are religious). Therefore, no one has the right to investigate them. This is regarded as the ultimate truth and is reinforced by Orientation Theory, as we saw in the previous part. This stance leads to homosexism, a system of attitudes, bias, discrimination, and imprisonment of dissidents and apostates in favor of same-sex behavior and relationships. It is based on heterophobia, a deep-rooted irrational disgust and avoidance of intimacy with the opposite sex.

Homosexism has not only harmed society, but also the thinking of the psychiatric professional community. Critical stances have disappeared. Gay extremists willfully use a victim stance and in doing so, have managed to silence all contradiction, all fact-checking and therefore, all doubt.

1. The fake ideology of “diversity”

There are many ways to consider homosexuality, but with the term “LGBT”, merely 25 years old, all gays are now considered to be one and the same, and they are thrown onto a single heap, called the “LGBT community”. Although this term is merely a social construct, it has come to be seen as a factual entity. It has a generalizing quality, which is sweeping and ruthless.

Within this imaginary “community”, dissidents and non-believers of labels find themselves drowned out. Radicals came to power at the end of the last century and a small in-crowd of gay activists appointed themselves as spokesmen. All others “gays” have been marginalized. And those who dare oppose Orientation Theory in psychotherapy find themselves being persecuted in various American states. When this radical ideology conquers the White House yet once more, as the extremists successfully achieved with Obama, the persecutions will take on an even grimmer outlook.

Prison in Malta

The jailor will call out “Open, Sesame”, as the electronic doors of the prisons, like in Malta, slowly but surely swallow you in for a long time to come. Psychiatric discourse will end. In Malta in 2016, American gay activists achieved in having a law passed that sends any therapist to jail who says they are involved in “conversion therapy” or even is accused by others of “involvement”.

A minimum jail sentence of a month is imposed if they advertise “conversion therapy”, a maximum of a year is imposed if a therapist can be accused of offering to talk to a gay client about the opposite sex (see our article). Activists managed to convince the law-makers that addressing the subject of the opposite sex is inherently harmful.

There is no mention in the law text however of the infliction of “harm” (therefore the judge does not need or get to substantiate that). There is not even mention of “a client going into therapy” (therefore the judge does not need or get to interrogate anyone either). The Americans were extremely clever in the draft of the law they submitted to the politicians. Furthermore, the term “conversion therapy” has no official status and is not a term recognized by any mental health professional organization. It is a derogatory word invented by radical gay-lib in their campaign, a sweeping generalization as if yards are being converted into meters, as if something is done to you. It can therefore mean anything you want it to mean, especially if you are a LGBT-friendly prosecutor and judge, robbing the “suspect” of all legal certainty.

It is now clear that this law has criminalized certain trains of thought, the intimacy with the opposite sex. It is a thought crime“. It is not the substantiatable consequences of the therapy that are criminalized (for the law does not mention them), it is the questions themselves that he or she offers to ask that constitute the new definition of crime, irrespective of the fact if they were asked at all. You are offering to ask criminal questions. And the ‘victim’ of this crime is Sexual Orientation Theory. It sounds weird, but it is true, and no-one is aware of this.

The lay Maltese lawmakers have also told psychiatrists in 2016 what to professionally think. In the newspaper The Independent (7th December 2016), we read:

“The bill also enshrined in law that “no sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression constitutes a disorder, disease or shortcoming of any sort”.

With a stroke of a pen, held by lay persons, a century of psycho-analytic findings and fifty volumes on childhood developmental science are swept away by a small majority vote. Deleted from the public mind and memory thanks to politics and the media.

Surely this is equal to the descriptions of brainwashing in the visionary novels “Brave New World” and “1984”. Psychiatry has been taken to the dry cleaners where the stains of intellectual freedom are removed from the pages of history books. No-one will remember that other scientific evidence was ever at your fingertips. Only outlawed inmates with criminal intent will peruse what other psychological researchers had to say.

For gay-lib radicals, words like “tolerance”, “multicultural” and “diversity” have a totally different meaning.

Malta is not the end of this radical gay-lib crusade, it is going global. With their overflowing war-chest of fundings, they have collected the cash and refined the rhetoric to perform what is becoming a regular Jihad. It will sweep the USA and then the EU, because enemy-thinking feels so good, and feels much better than painstaking self-questioning.

2. The power of separatist flags

A frenzy of paranoia is promoted by radical gay-lib law firms and their “allies”, time and time again. At so-called Gay Pride Marches, mob pressure drowns out all other opinion. An unbelievably big separatist flag is stitched together, the size of which grows by the day, reflecting the failure to convince. The less one convinces, the louder the chants and the more intimidating the symbols need to be.

White House in the Obama era

In many states, the governmental authorities are all too glad to oblige by allowing rainbow colors to be projected on government buildings and the separatist flag to be hoisted at foreign embassies, pushing the “Orientation Theory” message under each and every nose. Mainstream television stations and newspapers broadcast the ideology into all households, making sure that no-one misses the message, to the glee of the extremists.

Due to “Orientation Theory”, separatism and social apartheid have come to prevail. They are not denounced currently in the USA; to the contrary, they are glorified. The spokesmen divide and rule.

3. The decay within the APA’s

With all this nerve-racking politicization, the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association have been hijacked by a well-planned subversive infiltration by activists who do not represent moderate gays or the equally present internal debate within the gay community.

A small gang of extremists (Judith Glassgold, Jack Drescher, Lee Beckstead, etc.) have seized the debate, flashing their crafted pseudo-science. Their impressive PhD degrees hide their bias, helping them look ordinary and mainstream.

We need to be aware of the fact that the two APA’s may seem to embody the entire profession, but many members have left these organizations over the years to form other professional organizations, a fact which gay activists fail to mention. In activist rhetoric, we see talk of “all major professional organizations” at every turn, obscuring the abundance of other organizations and the arguments that these professionals uphold.

By bowing down to Orientation Theory, and appeasing the LGBT divisions from within, the two APA’s are guilty of inflicting much harm on society.

4. The harm issue

Racial Theory has had a huge impact on society. This propaganda considers contamination of the White Race by Non-Whites to be a pollution of the purity and sanctity of skin color. ‘Thou shalt not contaminate the White Race’.

And so it equally is with Orientation Theory, where differences in sexual attractions and behavior are made to look genetic, a race of sorts. ‘And neither shalt thou desecrate the sanctity and inevitability of the holy Gay Label, a genetic immutable condition’ (such is their rhetoric).

5. The reign of homosexism

This absolute superiority of the Gay Label is the underlying assumption of “homosexism”. The activists are enforcing the persistence of same-sex attractions as an end in itself, just like the conservation of the White Race becomes a social goal in racism.

This activism has a scary aspect: thought control. Gays are being patrolled by the activists to identify degenerate thoughts. “What were you thinking, boy? The opposite sex? Who did this to you? Who is the culprit?”

Nicolosi wrote on his website:

“The American Psychiatric and Psychological Associations (harm) homosexual strugglers and their families because of the A.P.A.s’ failure to disclose that homosexuality is a treatable condition.”

In the seventies, the anti-psychiatry movement strove to free clients from a psychiatry that seemed to force them to adjust to the standards of the ruling class. Gay-lib is part of that movement, but years later we now witness how clients with unwanted same-sex attractions are coerced to comply to the ideology of the new social powers, the influential radical gay pressure groups. And this activism is using psychiatry to that end. In other words, the people who are engaging in anti-psychiatry have, over the years, merely turned the tables around.

Based upon the APAs’ policy recommendations, mental-health counselors have neglected to tell clients about all available treatment options. At a very vulnerable time in their lives, they are advised – without any conclusive scientific evidence – that they were “born gay,” or “had a gay gene.”

They are told to surrender their hope of ever living a traditional family life of spouse and children, and “work through their internalized homophobia” so they could learn to enjoy something they themselves feel is incompatible with their core being. They are not properly informed that acceptance of a gay identity leads to great risks of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, loneliness, suicide attempts, failed relationships, drug use, alcohol abuse, tobacco use, and addiction to unhealthy (exotic) sexual practices, as well as STD’S and AIDS (see the new book “The Health Hazards of Homosexuality“, 2017, a must-read).

In many cases, gay-affirmative therapy (the psychotherapist’s advice to accept a gay identity) is not appropriate for the patient, and is induced through mental, emotional or legal coercion. Public-policy statements by the APAs’ regarding the “normalcy” of homosexuality are not and cannot be scientifically neutral conclusions, but are influenced by the social-political philosophy of the time. Interpretation of the scientific data has been skewed to support the APAs’ favored social philosophy.

These associations’ systemical withholding of relevant information has restricted the patient’s right to choose from among all reasonable treatment options. The APAs’ have shown callous disregard for cultural and religious diversity. The associations have betrayed the public’s trust in them as scientific organizations committed to the broader public interest, and are in fact socio-political groups committed to reforming society in an image of their own making.

They have failed to disclose that there are parenting methods which help to prevent gender-identity confusion in children, and thus may also prevent future homosexuality. The APAs’ mislead patients and the public about a condition that is associated with maladaptive lifestyles and life-threatening disease.

School superintendents encourage young students to adopt a gay identity – simply because they “were following professional advice”. The APA’s have allowed a small but powerful political-activist coalition to create a stranglehold on public-policy matters. Research is interpreted according to one single group’s social-political reformist objectives.

6. Homosexism is harmful

No person with unwanted same-sex attractions should be morally forced to undergo the neglect and lies spread by radical campaigns such as the NCLR Bornperfect campaign. All of these are exponents of homosexism. The damage to client care, inflicted by gay-affirmative therapy, needs to be evaluated, and measures then need to be taken against it appropriately. If not challenged, this extremism will only grow.

State enforcement is now being used to maintain the new radical-gay policies and to patrol the public space. But since when are the acts going on under the sheets of your bed or in the privacy of your mind or even behind your computer as you struggle with unwanted same-sex attractions, the kinds of affair needing public surveillance as a matter of state? And as we can now see in New York, which strikes therapists from the register, or as we can also see in Malta, which sentences them to imprisonment (to the glee of extremists)?

Logo TV, a gay website

On the gay-extremist website, we read:

“According to the Maltese law, any medical professional found practicing “gay cure” therapies could incur a $5,000 fine or up to five years in jail for the most serious offenses. Not only does it reject a group of individuals on the basis of unfounded prejudice, [but the] lack of tolerance for diversity also…impinges on the international recognition of LGBTIQ rights.”

7. Conclusion

Battles may be fought, but not in the privacy of the room where clients come to seek help according to their own values. Clients are vulnerable and may in no way be expected to face and counteract the paranoid frenzy of activists living in a bubble.

The intimate relationship between a caregiver and a client should not be invaded by ideological outsiders so that it can be used as an instrument to help shape, or to impose a political concept of a new society, irrespective of the client’s worldview.

Fight your battles elsewhere.

To be continued

Job Berendsen, MD

Gary Morgan.