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The Attack on ‘People Can Change’, part 1: The Allegations

pcc-menExtremists are attacking the peer encounter group ‘People Can Change’. They apparently hope to close down all professional and not-for-profit organizations for not complying to the “born that way” ideology. All dissident views are considered ‘fascist’. Several intolerant, extremist anti-exgay groups have now joined together in March 2016 to file a complaint at the Federal Trade Commission, a tactic they hope that works to prohibit ex-gays from meeting or supporting one another. Continue reading The Attack on ‘People Can Change’, part 1: The Allegations

Radical gay-lib hacks wikipedia on NARTH

logo-wikipediaIn wikipedia, radical gay-lib has logged in and rewritten the whole article on NARTH, the International Alliance for Therapeutic Choice. For decades the organization has been providing information and services to help people, if they so wish, to broaden their sexual horizons. All positive information about the organization, its members and their accomplishments has been replaced with negative slander about the institute; personal attacks on psychologists have been launched and all science facts have been deleted. Continue reading Radical gay-lib hacks wikipedia on NARTH

American Psychological Association proves people can change

beach-coupleIn 2009 the American Psychological Association, which has been battling against orientation therapy for years, commissioned a Task Force on Sexual Orientation Change Efforts to put an end to the discussion on orientation issues. No heterosexuals were allowed to participate in the Task Force. They came up with a 138 page document. But what did they really write in the small print? Continue reading American Psychological Association proves people can change

Narth report: ‘Psychotherapy for same-sex attractions’

storybookThere is a story that isn’t being told in the mainstream media about sexuality research.  Although the American Psychological Association published a review in 2009 on the subject of sexual orientation therapy from an activist point of view, there is also a minority non-activist document on the same subject. These APA members are united in The Alliance For Therapeutic Choice And Scientific Integrity‭ ‬NARTH. In the Journal of Human Sexuality, volume 1, 2012 (click here), they have published a less activist ‬128‭-page document on the subject. Continue reading Narth report: ‘Psychotherapy for same-sex attractions’

Professional psychotherapy can facilitate change in sexual attractions

narth-conferenceTwo Alliance/NARTH Institute leaders presented initial data from their outcome study at the CAPS (Christian Association for Psychological Studies) conference in Pasadena, California on 10th March 2016.

With their study they challenge the unfounded conventional allegation that psychotherapy services for clients dissatisfied with their same-sex attractions (SSA) would be harmful and ineffective in facilitating SSA change. They have provided facts proving the contrary. Continue reading Professional psychotherapy can facilitate change in sexual attractions

Where are all the ex-gays?

straight-coupleThere are as many ex-gays as there are gays, so scientific research has proved (click here). At this point the natural question arises—if there are so many ‘ex-gays’ in the population, where are they? Very few readers will ever have met any that they know of. It is no wonder the GLB community is very skeptical about whether real change occurs, though the scientific conclusion of the researchers involved is that it does, and spontaneously, without clinical intervention, as life goes on. Continue reading Where are all the ex-gays?

“Same-sex attractions” as offensive language

chapter3Gay-lib sees the words ‘same-sex attractions’ as very offensive. These words appear to diminish the concept of homosexuality, which they see as a full blown and equal form of sexuality. According to this world-view, it just pops out of nowhere. Gay-lib gets furious when it is labelled as nothing more than just feelings, things that come and go. So angry that they want to use legislation to ban any other world-view than their own. They want to call in state violence, which is basically just violence, by use of horror stories. Continue reading “Same-sex attractions” as offensive language